Apple Water 250ml

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5-star health rating • Flavoured Water with Synbiotic

  • Infused with Synbiotic (probiotics + prebiotics + postbiotics)
  • Low GI & Sugar 4.6%
  • High Fibre at 6g
  • Plant Powered
  • Vegan
  • Natural Tasmanian Spring Water with Natural fruits
  • No nasties 

'Tummy buddies' make gut and digestive wellness delicious and fun for children, and convenient for parents.

Our ingredients are of the highest quality and sourced within Australia. We are Aussie grown and made.

Blended with pure Tasmanian spring water and bio-az synbiotic advantage, 'Tummy buddies empowers parents with a natural way to improve any child's wellbeing.

'Tummy buddies' is formulated in a veritably effective way, helping your child feel hydrated and their tummy feeling calmer and happier, thanks to improved gut and digestive health.

Pure, refreshing Australian spring water and bio-az synbiotic advantage – the world's best functional ingredient – provides enhanced gut and digestive wellbeing for children conveniently delivered and centered with fun.