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What we stand for

The Tummy Buddies range has been created to give our customers the confidence that enhancing the gut and digestive wellbeing of their child is easy and that enrichment is an experience they can feel every day. This is done through our fun & delicious products that contain Synbiotics powered by Bio-Az.  

After many years of research and development

We have created

Fun Flavoured Water

Yummy Fruit Pieces (Coming Soon!)

Gummy Bears (Coming Soon!)

Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance the lives of our children and empower parents by delivering greater nutritional benefits through products designed to improve wellbeing for children.

Children's wellness brand promoting good gut and digestive health to elevate their wellbeing

Gut Health for Children

We aid gut health by infusing synbiotics in liquids and coating them on foods, helping children to have a healthy happy tummy.

We’ve created a fun and yummy way to make flavoured water and (soon to launch!) delicious snacks that children love, all whilst enjoying better gut health.

fun and convenient

We make gut and digestive wellness for children fun, and convenient for parents.

Natural ingredients

Our formulation is blended from natural ingredients of pure spring water, Australian bio-az synbiotic functional ingredient, and natural juice, delivering probiotic support to the gut and digestive system of children.

Children Friendly Packaging

Lives in fun and easy pop top packaging that kids & parents will love, featuring 5 ‘character microbes’ to hero the product benefits relatable way for kids and promote their enjoyment.


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we are proudly

Australian Owned

With our headquarters in Sydney